Fresh oven bakery for lunch

Shopping gifts for the USA

Already on the way back to the USA

Waiting for train to downtown Tokyo

Arrived at downtown Tokyo!

Japan's popular bank fishing!

Leaving Sencho home
Children are missing Jason already

At the world number one sushi bar

With the master chef and the artist
' Shinosuke '

Japanese Ninja musical

Jason think he is the Samurai

Jason becomes Samurai

Japanese film making village in Kyoto

Jason with maiko-san

Harakiri performance!

Table hocky game!

Car driving game!

Playing basketball game

At the Japanese summer festival

Traditional gold fish scooping

with Yukata dressing girls

Jason got a big one!

Nice fish, Jason!

The answer of patience

Another rice cracker

Who's gonna catch first?

Jason got one!

Arrival of Lake Biwa

Jason loves Japnese rice cracker

getting ready for big one!

Buddha's garden

Tower of World Peace

driving through Tokyo

Beautiful colorful tower

This smoke will bring a good luck

Narita temple worship

Fresh eel is being cooked

Small street to temple

Front gate of Narita temple

Good beer & Sake!

It's a sushi time

Early morning jog!

Just arrived to Japan !!

' Welcome to Japan ' sign

Left side passenger seat in Japan