2011 American Dream Tournament Payout Schedule

Tournament Winning Guaranteed First Place

$3,000.00 Cash


Free trip of a lifetime to Japan with Kota Kiriyama to fish the World Record
Bass Lake eLake Biwa f. Also on the itinerary will be visits of cultural and historical nature to
Japanese towns!! The trip will be mutually planned for about a week in 2012.
Schedule will be determined between the winning team and Kota Kiriyama.
(The Trip Award is not transferable or exchangeable for cash)

Additional Tournament Payout Schedule based on 150 entries.
(May vary with the actual number of tournament entries received)

20% of the field will receive a minimum of entry fee back.

2nd Place $1500.00
3rdPlace $1000.00
4thPlace $900.00
5thPlace $800.00
6thPlace $700.00
7thPlace $600.00
8thPlace $500.00
9thPlace $500.00
10thPlace $500.00
11th-15th Places $400.00
16th-20th Places $300.00
21th-25th Places $200.00
26th-30th Places $150.00

Big Fish $500.00 !!

Win a new Power-Pole!!*

Win a $1000.00 Cash Draw Prize!!*

*All eligible tournament participants will be entered into random drawing to take place immediately
following after 12/03 weigh-in ceremony. Must be present to win, and many more give aways !!*

$25 of each entry fee will be donated to American Red Cross for Japan Tsunami and Alabama Disaster Relief

For more information : Call Doug Nichles at 205-396-5556 or email at info@kotaamericandream.com

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